Realizing that no one will ever read this

kinda sucks a big one. But that’s fine, since I’m doing this more so for myself than anything else. Mostly, I just want a place to put all the things I absorb about video games while working retail at a game store.

I’ve been playing games since I was little, and growing up I’ve come to realize there’s a stigma to being a female gamer–and that’s fine. This blog isn’t to rant about feminism or sexism within the world of games, it’s a resource for people who like to play video games…regardless of your gender.

Expect me to be judgmental.

Expect me to be pretentious.

Expect me to drop the ball or talk about games I’ve half played.




6 thoughts on “Realizing that no one will ever read this

      1. It’s not a bad job, it’s just that it’s not fulfilling [a career]. Good luck to you then in leaving!

        Know as well that this is the internet, there’s always somebody reading. We’re always looking for contributors as well.

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