“Do they have internet in America?”

Yesterday I picked up Sleeping Dogs on a recommendation from my boyfriend–he was thoroughly impressed by the kind of detail put into the game such as the side conversations that you could overhear, the music, etc.

Five hours later, I am equally impressed. I also own every article of clothing available to me at this point in the game. Good golly gosh I love wardrobe customization.

Other than my obvious thrill from the dress-up that I can play, the game is heavily reminding me of Infamous. I’ve never played any of the other True Crime games (I believe Sleeping Dogs was meant to be a title in the series) nor have I played a Grand Theft Auto/Saints Row game in the past. While I’m sure all of these other titles are more easily comparable, I can’t help but be reminded of running around doing missions as Cole. Except Cole didn’t have a car.

Holy crap is “clean driving” difficult in this game.

More later.


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