5 Weird/Random Games Worth Checking Out


1. Killer7–in my opinion, Suda51’s best title to date. Among being delightfully strange, the game is perhaps one of the most rewarding “on rails” game I’ve played thus far. You alternate between playing one of seven (and sometimes eight) characters in order to solve some US-Japan crisis that is on the verge of causing some serious shit. Enemies consist mainly of “Heaven Smiles” that are invisible while roaming unless you take up aiming position–the player is forced to use their ears (you can hear walking and maniacal laughter) in order to detect them. Your entire level up system is based on how much blood you collect from these monsters…and your tutorials are given by a strange man hanging from the ceiling in a red scuba suit. Did I mention this game is fucking weird?


2. Frog Fractions–This is one of two flash games featured on this list. I honestly can’t tell you anything about it lest I spoil the surprise. All I’ll say is that the game is more than meets the eye.


3. Coma–The second flash game on this list…it’s less weird than the other two but it needed to be mentioned because holy crap is it beautiful. The music is gorgeous, the art is gorgeous, and the concept is simple but well executed. Don’t get me wrong, the game does have its strange moments, there’s no arguing that, but the game lends itself to the kind of fantasy world where you can’t help but embrace every wtf moment Coma throws at you.


4. Katamari Forever– The main concept of Katamari is that you, the prince, must roll a big sticky ball around a room/village/the world and collect as many objects you can so that you can get really REALLY big…and then the King of the Cosmos will zap said ball and make it into a star. The game is disturbingly addictive, markedly quirky, and perhaps one of the most satisfying distractions I’ve come across in my gaming days. ♫Na na na nananana na na katamari damacy….♫


5. Ninja Town– This DS game is probably one of the most pleasant surprises I’ve had in a long time. I picked it up because the title was ridiculous and the cover was the most adorable thing I’d ever seen…I was shocked to find one of the best  (and cutest) tower defense games I’ve ever played. You build different kinds of ninja huts in order to stop devils from destroying the town. By defeating devils you are rewarded with cookies which will let you build more and more badass kinds of ninja huts. I believe this game is also available on iphone and ipad now if any of y’all wanna give it a shot 🙂


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